Summer Discovery: How to Find Your Passion Again

Week 4 of my Summer Devotion is titled Go Where God Is. I didn’t need a ton inspiration to write this post. I am writing about what is most familiar to me: The pursuit of my calling and yours.

I am somewhat narrow minded when it comes to this topic. I deeply believe every woman has a passion and a calling. However, that’s not the narrow-minded part of my belief. I have the additional belief that every woman has a very special part of her life set apart to pursue with God  – – outside of her many roles of mother, wife, bread earner and/or caretaker.

For Example

If you tell me your kids are you passion, I would say, yes, me too! But what’s hidden in your heart to discover between you and God?

If you tell me your work is your passion, I would say, yes, I get it! But what’s the thing you are called to do that doesn’t center upon your responsibility to earn money? Make sense?

Your Life Points the Way

Knowing the thing that is set in your heart by God isn’t an easy endeavor. Life, life and more life gets in the way. At the same time, life, life and more life is the key to pinpointing the sometimes hidden work of your soul.

July’s Week 4 devotion is a reminder of how to identify your passion by looking at your life. Below are my answers to the Discovery Questions & Exercise below.

This is as hard for me as it is for you! My brain spends a lot of time being afraid of failing, getting it wrong, wasting time and questioning whether the outcome will be worth the endeavor. I get going with this so quickly that I sometimes shy away from digging into the very things God has put in my heart.

I am going to answer despite myself. If some of my responses sound like conclusions, know that I have had a long time to think about these questions. Explore from whatever stage of self-discovery you are in.


I occasionally cry in the dark of my room. Sometimes in the dark of the yoga room. At times, I cry in the daylight when I walk at the beach. In those places, my tears are most often for the knowledge of God’s compassion toward us. My tears are full of compassion for the hard space between the burdens we bear and the relief of His presence.


I sometimes have questions about my dad’s life and early death. When those questions rile up, I remember to focus on my dad not as he was on earth, but as he is living life to the fullest in heaven. I think the hardest questions are those of unfairness in life and death.


My heartbreak took me through about five years of anxiety, depression and panic. Frankly, I didn’t expect so much fruit to be on the other side of tremendous pain. Although I was a hopeful person before the pain, I now understand what it means to have hope in the pain. Currently, I wish to pass that on to someone who needs to know more about hope.

Ordinary Life

Ordinary life can be a series of crazy ideas (see below). We don’t need permission to live an exciting life. It’s right here in front of us to live out with our friends and family.

Crazy Ideas

I get so excited by my friend Melissa’s idea to launch a nonprofit out of our bible study that has been doing good in the community for the last decade. Similarly, I get crazy excited for writing/blogging projects and choosing books for our bible study. I love to plan get togethers. I love to deliver love baskets to anyone under the weather or in need of encouragement.

There you have it my friends. I shared my stuff, now you share yours.

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