Are you stuck trying to figure out your calling?

Do you have ideas and passions but no clear plan to live them out?
You know there is something more and that feeling won’t go away.
If you could just find the time and direction, you would follow the compass that points to your passion and calling.

This is where I come in. 

You are not in a box. No actual walls exist to contain you. No judgment. No rules. You were made for a purpose only you can live out. 

I’m Sasha. Your soul sister, encourager and imperfect guide to help you figure out your calling and create a plan to follow it. 

Out of necessity, I started my real estate practice after the US market crash of 2006. I really wanted to be home with my infant and toddler 100% of the time but the arrows pointed to bringing home some bacon. 

Over the years, it was clear that my skill set of organization and personal touch fit well with lawyering. I’ve helped thousands of people buy, sell and even keep their homes after financial hardship.

But, really, I remain most proud of employing women and partnering with community organizations through my law firm. 

I had to ask myself again, where are the arrows pointing? 

Straight to you!

Whether you are a stay at home mom or professional, God created a calling for you before time ever began. A calling that only you can live out.  

When you work with me, I will help you figure out where your calling is leading you.

Do the arrows point to a personal project to impact you and a few others in your circle?

To a non profit start up?

Opening a profitable business?

Or, will you use where you are right now as a platform for good? 

Next, we will face together the obstacles that are holding you back. 


Stuck? Too Busy? Fear? 


Not good enough?


There is a reason you haven’t done that thing and we will overcome the mountain in front of you as a team.

Last, we will create and design together a plan to pursue your calling. Namely, a practical plan that works with your life and lives in synchrony with who you already are.

Over the last two years, I have taught over fifty women how to identify, overcome and follow their calling through Classes, The Collaborative and One on One Coaching.

I’m your soul sister Sasha.

My story of friendship began when my two besties moved away. To no fault of their own, I was left with two small kids, going back to full time lawyering and my dad’s cancer diagnosis. There could not have been a worse time to be left alone. 

Through the process of seeking out friends and community, I learned the value of authentic sisterhood.

Calling may begin in your heart, but it is always lived out in community.

Sisterhood is foundational to pursuing your calling.

I’m here to be your sister.

I am your encourager.

…The obstacles that are holding you back. The embarrassing or shameful parts of your story. The dreams you are afraid to speak out loud. The negative voices that have impacted your identity…

I am here to grapple, confront and encourage you to the other side. I strongly believe that there is always a positive way to fan a flame towards growth and change.

I am down to earth and will speak truth to you. That’s my gift. Truth without judgment. I am gentle, kind and determined for you to see your value and calling.

I am your imperfect guide to help you live out what is already inside of you.

Here are a few ways you can start the path to following your calling.

Send Me a Note: sasha@sashaakatz.com