The Character Study: 14 Days of Growing Wisdom in Your Everyday

Is life really about a list of to-dos to check off every day?

What if we took our focus off the boxes?

What if we chose to focus on who we become on the journey?

The Key is Growing Wisdom into Your Every Day.

God begins with Wisdom.

Shouldn’t we also?

This Devotion will help you:

  • Celebrate the aspects of your character that are strong and thriving
  • Choose areas that you wish to grow
  • Embrace age old wisdom that leads to peace and security
  • Create your own personalized Wisdom Proverb as an every day reminder

What’s the personal story behind the devotion?

I wrote this devotion because I was in a season of big decisions in my world. I ran the gamut of anxiety, faith and long and short talks with God. In the end, I took the focus off the decisions and put my time and energy into reading Proverbs as a daily practice.

As I committed to gaining wisdom instead of obsessing about decisions, peace replaced anxiety. Over the course of reading Proverbs, I’ve been able to make the hard decisions. Looking back, not every decision was perfect, nor did I have all of the information I thought I had. But God swooped in to surprise me with his grace for my mistakes and usher in new life where the old no longer fit.

My prayer is that this devotion will give you the wisdom you need in your everyday, and that you too, will experience peace and strength in a powerful way.

Peek Inside The Character Study

Day 1: Be Humble

Day 2: Garden Your Hub

Day 3: Give Freely

Day 4: Be a Good Friend

Day 5: Treasure Not Material Things

Day 6: Remember Prudence

Day 7: Be Moldable

Day 8: Work Hard

Day 9: Cultivate Discernment

Day 10: Get Advise

Day 11: Be Fair

Day 12: Wander with Wisdom

Day 13: Trust for the Harvest

Day 14: Wear the Garland