Take the Exhale

Dear Sisters,

I hear you.

The slow pace was welcomed.

The discovery of a new rhythm was timely.

The mindset of daily gratitude revived you.

The desire for an exhale has arrived.

Acknowledge the desire.

Find out what you need to breathe.

I went to sleep Sunday night.

Full of Energy.

But for what?

I’m learning to name the unnamed thing.

I’m not that good at it yet.


I am craving my sweet spot. I am craving the intersection of service, content and community. My imagination always has to do with serving people, alongside people. I wrote a ton of letters to olders and to the women in my life on Monday. No, that didn’t do it. I am glad I did it, but that didn’t feed the desire.

I popped up on Tuesday morning and reached out to two leaders in my life and offered what I have to offer. I asked my bible study girls if I can plan a retreat for us. I set aside time with my mom to brainstorm about a creative business together. This began to tap the desire. I’m learning to name the unnamed thing. 

What is your desire? Can you name it?

I’m itching to start living again. My extrovert side is lonely. I’m already planning future dates and trips with friends and the kids.

I am grateful for so many things. But I need an exhale on the beach. Blessings and hardships are holding hands. I can choose the direction.

I am anxious and thinking about what is next. What is God teaching me? Trust and letting go.

I yearn for the beach and date night. I am sad for some of my family and friends. I miss my mom.

I am enjoying work from home and having my son at home. He is my last one!

Slow down was nice but now I am in a funk. I am leaning into the Lord. What is next?

What is your desire?

Write it down. Pursue it. With one small step today.

What is your one small step today?

Send a text to find out how you can serve.

Journal about what you will bring with you (into what’s next?) and what you will leave behind.

Figure out if your life is in line with your values. Any decisions to make?

What kind of courage may you need?

What is in your way? Consider the roadblocks.

Is it your mindset? Is it fear? Are you stubborn?

Is it time to let go of control?

Is it time to simply acknowledge the gifts of God in your life?

Is it time to do the thing you know that you are supposed to do?

Take the Exhale.

The slow pace was welcomed.

The discovery of a new rhythm was timely.

The mindset of daily gratitude revived you.

The desire for an exhale has arrived.

Name the unnamed thing.

Write it down. Pursue it.

Take the Exhale.

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The New Rhythm of Quarantine

Dear Sisters,

This is a season of new practices for me. The rhythm of the past no longer fits. If I am honest with you, God should have quarantined me a few years ago. Nothing but global, governmental restrictions could have stopped me.

Most of you are in my boat.
Busy. Hardcore. Hard-pressed. Fast-moving.
Sleepless (or sleep little). Worried. Tarried.
Pushing. Moving. Living on Self Pep Talks.

About a month ago, I noticed that I could not live, move and breathe in this new climate with my old self. I see in my written prayers, on my phone app lists and on mini-poster boards on my desk that I have been both begging God and hearing from God to SLOW DOWN. I have been Chasing Slow for several years. All of my attempts to reign down my schedule and my expectations of myself have fizzled out or, to be candid, failed for one reason or another.

And then came 2020 + Quarantine.

In early January, work shifted away from a client that had kept me busy and stressed. While this was a good thing, my worry about tomorrow (finances) kicked into high gear – – despite the truth that He always covers us with what we need at the right time. I weathered through February.

Then came March.

I don’t have any secrets to share with you. I have circled back to the thing that God has used to ground me in my life. I watched my mom do this at our kitchen table (which also was her office) my entire childhood. She wrote out her schedule and her corresponding lists. She stuck to both.

I’ve narrowed down the precepts of my day to four statements:

Morning Reading & Journaling
Accomplish Something
Afternoon Rest
Body Movement

For the last month, I’ve been working on this new rhythm. When I want to go straight to work in the morning, I tell myself to 

Stick to the Plan.

When I determine that I can mow through a football field in one day, I tell myself: 

Accomplish Something

(Not Everything)

My afternoon rest is listening to a chapter of an audio book. My body movement basically has to be with a friend because I’m not very good on my own.

I’m sharing this with you because when I get on Zoom calls with women these last six weeks, I mostly hear Overwhelm. Frustration. Can’t Sleep. Anxiety. But, I also hear that women are overcoming through Prayer. Meditation. Outdoors. Exercise. Community.

These things can’t be accomplished without a rhythm that you will stick to.

My hope is that, if you haven’t already, you will find a new rhythm in this season. My hope is that you will build the life you were aiming to live and stick to before the quarantine. My hope is that, if you haven’t already memorialized this new way of living, that you will set aside an hour to do that today.

Because I am extraordinarily practical, I am attaching a guide for you. It was fun for me to make it. Enjoy it!

Because I understand that active change usually cuts straight to the heart of the matter, I am also including encouragement for you. If creating a new rhythm draws out some unexpected emotions, thoughts of failure or negative beliefs about yourself or God’s love for you, remember this:

My dear sister,
You are never alone.
Never too lost or afraid for a homecoming.
Your Father protects you.
He marks the boundaries in your life.
He prescribes a rhythm for you to live by.
He paints the landscape as you walk through life.
When you spin out, He is faithful to pull you in.
When you fall back, He’s got you.
When you slide to the ground, His arms pull you to His chest.
My sister, put aside the old.
Busy. Hardcore. Hard-pressed. Fast-moving.
Sleepless. Worried. Tarried.
Pushing. Moving. Living on Self Pep Talks.
My sister, embrace the rhythm He created for you.
As you seek, you will find the place
Where you find yourself face to face
With the Living God.


Your Soul Sister Sasha

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