These are the smiling faces of women who discovered their calling by first beginning with their story. Each of us has a story to tell and a calling to live out. When we intentionally set out to write our story, we unlock our calling. 

This is a two-step Guided Journey. First, you’ll learn several ways to write your story. Then, you’ll complete an interactive Idea Board. The Guided Journey will take you through four steps from DISCOVERY to ACTION. 

Here are some fantastic examples of women who started with their story and then set out to follow their calling. If you love this Guided Journey, there are six more to enjoy in the Follow Your Call Class. You can learn more at

1. Brooke discovered that she is passionate about empty nesters and created a plan to keep families close in this season.

2. Dylan discovered that she is an expert in advocating for kid’s with special needs and is creating a plan to teach and connect with other families.

3. Taylor determined to pursue development of a new technology to help women test hormone levels as a result of her personal frustrations.

4. Victoria created a scalable service to help women rebuild their family through cooking and kitchen renovation.

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