What are you in love with?

Calling is a broad word. But I am very much in love with the concept.

You too know the things you are in love with.

  • My friend D serves as a liaison between her church and a foster care organization.
  • My friend C serves nine “last chance” girls in a group home with a revolving front door.
  • My friend C teaches new immigrants much needed skills.
  • My friend S aims to start a home decorating firm.
  • My friend S sits with nonprofit boards and teaches them financial sense.
  • My mom advocates for endangered and victimized animals.

What is under the umbrella of your calling?

The things that you love to do and the people that you love to serve fall under the umbrella of your calling. Your passion and purpose and your determination towards the target of your love make perfect sense to you. When what you do and who you serve make perfect sense to you, you are in the center of your calling.

I am in love with this concept of calling.

God planted something in you before time ever began. He gave you strengths so you could follow your calling. He gave you hard parts of your story to deepen your impact on others. He gave you cheerleaders to help you pave the way. And, if all of that was not enough, He gave you a calling because He wants more than anything to do something special with you.

Author Shannan Martin recently helped me remember one of the reasons I love to encourage people to follow their calling. The truth is that God has every reason to carry out His plans without us.

With us by his side, everything is guaranteed to take one thousand times longer along a path potholed with our mess-ups and general antics. . . [God] doesn’t tire of us . . . He hitches his glory to our ruin and keeps on trucking, delighted by every tiny step we make in the right direction.

– Shannon Martin, The Ministry of Ordinary Things

Sisters, God can get it done better, faster and wiser without us. But he doesn’t. He chooses the slower, up and down road of God and humans working together for good. God gave you a calling so that he could do something with you that you are both passionate about.

The Icing on the Cake of Calling

The icing on the cake is that calling is about expressing your passions in a way that loves and serves outwardly. When you love and serve with your gifts, your faith and trust in God and his purposes for your life grow and grow. Calling never ends.

Your Calling Matters

It matters to me that you know why I write these letters. It matters to me that you know there is a place for you to go with your fears, second guessing, mental traps and questions. Calling gets held up in many ways. When that happens, I’m here.

The Live Follow Your Class Begins in June 2020

I’m teaching my Follow Your Call class in June 2020. I am looking for nine more women to join me. The class will be live by zoom. If a lot changes in the next few weeks, I will gladly meet you face to face in my office’s conference room. (It’s probably too soon for a snuggly living room). If you would like to join us, click the button below or email me at sasha@sashaakatz.com. I’m planning to close the registration at end of this month.


Your Soul Sister


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