Stepping Out: Four Action Steps when its Time to Follow Your Dreams

When you think of the number of dreams hidden in your heart, what do you do?

For the Get-It-Done-ers. The Check the Box-ers. The Planners. The Executioners:

You love the dreams in your heart. With a task list and some inspiration, you can do this.

For the Scaredy Cats. Timid at Heart. Not So Sure of Yourself. Doubters. Skeptics:

You love the dreams in your heart. With a task list and some inspiration, you can do this.

So, what are the dreams in your heart?

Start a Catering business. Support Pregnant Teens.

Embrace my fun, not so serious side.

Encourage women through social media.

Sell homes with care and trust.

Give back because I have so much. Tell my single mom story.

Get back into performing on stage.

Find a job I am passionate about again.

Tell my story of sickness and health on a podcast.

Find an affordable way to showcase local artists.

Do any of these echo in your own heart?

Will you stop right here and right now and write down the dream or dreams in your heart?

Your dreams can be decades old. Brand new. Perhaps your dream is unlikely or unexpected by someone with your story or resources. That makes a dream a dream. Write it.

Is your dream to finally live an organized, non-chaotic, timely life?

Is it your heart’s desire to connect the distance between you and that child or family member?

Could your dream be to create a warm, resourceful home to welcome others?

Write down your dream. Look down. That’s what the space is for.

You did it. That was your first step.

Here are the next few steps to this glorious dream that is ready to flow out of your heart:


Start slow. I know this makes the Scaredy Cats happy and the frustrates the Executioners. I’ve been around both of you. I have some of both of you in me too. We need each other.

Start slow means:

Take a deep breath.

Consider the outcome.

What would your dream look like if the work was already done?

Who would you be? What would you be doing?

Who would you have impacted for the better?

What would be different about your world? (Not necessarily the entire globe. Your world. That’s where all the goodness starts.)

Now that you see the endgame, you can begin with one small, intentional step.


Take another deep breath.

Be consistent.

Typically, a large gap exists between your first small, intentional step and the endgame. The only way to bridge that gap is through consistency.

Did you create a timeline for your first step?

Each time you commit to a step, give yourself a specific, measurable outcome, completion date and a reward. All three are important. Don’t leave one out.

For example, if you want to support pregnant teenage moms, your steps may be to:

  1. Contact three nonprofits to see what work is already being done.
  2. Meet with a social worker to find out the issues and needs.
  3. Reach out to a woman you know that has been personally touched by teen pregnancy.

Specific, right?

Measurable Outcome: Three meetings with one page of helpful notes from each.

Completion Date: One connection per week for three weeks.

The Reward: The part that we all forget! Will you celebrate by meeting a friend for coffee to share all you learned? Will you buy a project planner to put your notes in?

Do what makes you happy.

Each step will lead to another step. Before you know it, you will have hit a milestone that leads to your endgame.

While there is always grace in giving up or realizing you are not on course, choose consistency until you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s time for redirection.

I’m feeling guilty for having packed so much in that last sentence. The Scaredy Cats were very happy to hear me say it’s sometimes okay to give up. The Executioners were appalled. Remember, you probably have a little of both in you. We need each other to know when to press in and when to move on. Be sure to have both a cat and a slayer in your life.


Take your next deep breath.

Get to know the Open Door – Shut Door Policy.

You can also call this policy the Let God Move policy. God gave you a dream so that you could do the valuable work of watering and growing the good gift He gave you. Good gifts get built upon by trusting Him with the process.

Sometimes it unexpectedly rains really hard and your dream gets sopping wet. Perhaps you shared your dream for the first time and you were met with pessimism or criticism. Perhaps one of your intentional steps towards living out your dream crashed and burned publicly. Maybe you asked for help with your dream and you got a no. When you’re sopping wet, your current situation doesn’t resemble the endgame you initially imagined.

Is the door shut forever?

You could let the sopping wet feeling lead your heart to grow cold or bitter towards your dream. You could let the feeling cause you to throw the dream into the trash can instead of into the dryer. Or, you could let the sopping wet feeling bring you to know firsthand that the best dreams are only realized after getting to the end of yourself.

Shut doors do open again.

A dream can also go through a scorched season. If sopping wet looks like defeat, then scorched feels like no man’s land. Sometimes a dream may need some time in the desert. Enthusiasm may need to be replaced with depth. Shallow purpose may need to be replaced with a three strand knot. A deep desire for the endgame may need to be replaced by a worthy and valuable journey.

Do you see why doors can be shut for a season?

This is the Open door – Shut Door Policy. Shut doors don’t necessarily mean failure. Open doors don’t necessarily mean success. My simple wisdom is to let God move. Dreams are lived out best when there is an abundance of space to let God move.

The bottom line is that you love the dreams in your heart whether or not you want to admit it. My bible boyfriend James (who I have agreed to share with my friend Connie) says that

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

James 1:17

You can’t deny the dreams He’s given you. They are good and perfect gifts. It’s time, my friend. It’s time to step out into what He has given you.


Your Soul Sister


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  1. I love seeing your posts to encourage us sisters in Christ, Sasha. When I see these posts and emails they reignite my dreams again and remind me to keep dreaming. God bless you all. All Glory and Victory to God. Love you and miss you all.

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