Grab Bag: Pick One! Vision, Friendship or Quitting

Back in December, I shared a Grab Bag. The idea was to pick one or two things from the “bag.” I shared three picks as we stepped into the Christmas season. My heart was to help us (me and you) not miss out on celebrating the season, both in inward and outward ways.  

My heart’s cry is that when you read this post, your heart will stir with excitement. I hope something in this post will cause to get busy with something good.

Grab Bag Pick One: Take One Tangible Step Towards Your Vision

This first pick is about taking action on your vision for the new year.

I am proud of you for having a long talk with your girlfriend about what you want to see happen or change or be in the new year.

I am proud of you for writing in your journal your vision for your family, your business or ministry.

I am proud of you for allowing yourself to begin again this year despite whatever may have disappointed you in the past.

Now it’s time to mold your girl talk, vision and hope into action.

My 2021 Vision Board

In January, I shared my vision board that included hospitality in the form of gatherings, meals, celebrations and workshops.

I had two vision board workshops at my home. I took care, thought, focus and time and created a space for the women I love to consider and share their vision for the year in a safe space. I had time for two workshops, but not three or four. So, I packed the supplies for the vision board, wrote a blog and gave four women the tools to create their own vision boards at home.

The new year came toppling in with much of the same angst that 2020 provided, but your dreams are still alive. God is rooting for you to pursue the passions He sewed into your heart.

Here’s the task for Grab Bag 1.

Circle back to your vision for 2021 and pursue something tangible related to it. Here are some examples:

My friend Steph’s enormously demanding career will take a significant turn towards slowdown in the next few months. Her vision is to expand her volunteer role at her church, read solely for joy, journal her hopes and dreams and consider branching out from technical writing to other genres.

I know this is mouthful.

It won’t happen all at once.

  • Steph will start a book list and set aside a few minutes each day or week to read.
  • She’ll journal in the wee hours of the morning like I know she loves to do.
  • She’ll connect with a church leader for opportunities.
  • She’ll research other writing genres.

It will happen one at a time in the right time.

The point is to take a first step and pursue it!

Grab Bag Pick Two: Step Out With A Friend

In January, my mom had a dream to collaborate her artistry with food with my love for writing. We have been talking about this for awhile and my mom made it happen. Really, she gets the blue ribbon for this one. She did her part and reminded me everyday to do mine – – until I actually did.

We created a Galentine’s gift of hand decorated sugar cookies, my mom’s prized recipe, a February Bucket list and a gratitude list. We spread the word (on very short notice) of our mother daughter love project. We got it done and now we have a prototype for doing it again, even better than the first time.

What have you been talking about with your mom, friend or business or ministry partner that hasn’t been put in motion?

Success is taking the step and sharing with others for the very first time.

Success does not have to be measured by sales, whether it went viral or whether the project is perfect.

While your aim should be excellence, perfection is not the standard.

While it matters on some level that your idea is embraced by others, fear of testing the waters should not stop you.

The task for Grab Bag Two is serving in community.

Reflect on the repetitive conversations you’ve had with your best friend, parent or partner. Is there something you both want to do together but you’ve never taken the idea to the next level? I bet there is something.

My friend Trina has a huge love for the elderly. During COVID-19, she and her best friend Cindy had the idea to create Boxes of Joy to send to seniors. Trina’s story of the last few years does not necessarily lend itself to starting a new business.

Despite the story of scarcity she could have told herself of the resources and timing, she proceeded with an abundance of hope and skill. And, she didn’t go at it alone. She took the hand of a friend whose passions aligned with hers. Thank goodness for the gift of friendship.

Passions may come to light in solitude. Dreams are often born in quiet spaces. But calling is always lived out in community.

Will you do it? Will you take the first step with the friend or family member who has always wanted to go along with you anyway? Leave fear and perfection to the wayside. Your calling is right in front of you.

Grab Bag Pick Three: Get Ready to Shed

December’s Grab Bag Pick Three will live on right here. I told a quick story about wineskins (which I still find to be a weird word). You can’t put new wine into old wineskins or the container will burst. And, you can’t rebuild things that God tore down or you’ll be a lawbreaker. Galations 2:19.

Girl, I did not realize how hard it is to dig a new template. Okay, well, that’s my tendency, to think it’s up to me to dig a new template. Rephrase. I did not realize how hard it is to be new wine and not try to fit into the old wineskins.

Let’s move on to modern English.

My word for this year is SHED.

Previously, I had a season where I spent a lot of time caring about what others thought of me and the display of my calling. I spent a lot of time seeing those who have different gifts than me as superior. I had a rough time being okay with me in a new pool as a beginner.

Sometimes it takes some time to shift towards the one voice that matters.

Okay, so where are we going with this?

If you are going to live out your calling in this season, you are going to have to shed some things.

There is a lot of noise in this world. There is an abundance of choices you can make and directions you can go. You can go down rabbit holes. Don’t get me wrong. God is in the rabbit hole. But. God is also in the shedding of the things that are off center from your calling.

Grab Bag Pick 3 is about quitting the things that do not directly relate to your calling.

Calling is not a performance. It’s a way to live that allows you to bless others through the actual person that God made you to be. If you are seeing your life through a lens where there is a three-judge panel marking your every move, reset. The measure for success is whether you are blessing at least one person. And, sometimes, that person is you as you become a little more like Christ through pursuing your calling – just like Jesus did in his life.

What should you shed?

This is where I write.

If your gift is relating to women by writing, write. You’ll have to quit a few things to give some time for that. You’ll have to add somethings that help you do that well. (Yes, that’s for me, but insert your gift into the same directive).

If you try to ___________ without quitting somethings and without getting some help with the main thing, you will be putting your gift in old wineskins. And, inevitably, the container will burst, and you will be a lawbreaker.

That may have come across harsher than planned. But it’s true.

We can live, move and breath in what He has provided, or we can explore rabbit holes. God will be there in either case. But.

Taking directions for the road trip contains more wisdom than driving south to Orlando from Key West.

That’s it girls. 

Grab Bag Pick One is taking a step towards your vision in a tangible way.

Grab Bag Pick Two is serving in community.

Grab Bag Pick Three is about shedding the things that do not directly relate to your calling.

Pick One!

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