Summer Discovery: What To Do When Winter Snows Down in Summer?

July/Week 2 Download The Devotion

Yes, that’s what happened last summer. In my favorite season of the year, the snow came down upon my summer, my life. God invited me to decline, resign and wait for a while. A year later, I feel rather peaceful about the whole thing. Last year, however, it took mighty strength to be obedient to the call of winter.

Had I not entered into my winter season with a sense of awe, the stillness probably would have etched away at my value and worth (i.e., decline in productivity=decline in worth). Melting into the take away hurt. Moving into this new way of living opened up space I didn’t know I could have.

In the stillness. In a different pace. I leaned into a simple truth of the Christian faith.

Spiritual disciplines.

Or as Jennifer Dukes Lee calls it, living the ancient way of Jesus.

I chose to live calmly. I took seriously what I call The Four S’s. I decided to stop spinning the globe with Jesus. If fact, if I had to say there was any sin or untruth I was living before winter came, I was working hard to be the conductor of my life and the ones I care so much about. While I may think I am good at globe spinning, God has higher and better plans that I don’t yet know about.

What’s your sense of season this summer?

Is it a vibrant, hope filled, energetic season? Is it a shade of winter? An earth tone feeling? It’s okay to be in winter during summer AND it’s okay to be in summer during summer. Let God show you.

You can read much more about the season of winter in my Summer Devotion. The rest of this post includes my responses to the Summer Discovery Questions for July/Week 2. Next week, I will continue with July/Week 3 discovery questions. Download the 12 Week Devotion if you’d like to join us.

Discovery Question One

Where are you from? Did you experience seasons growing up? What about now? What is your favorite season and why? My answer is in the Devotion.

Discovery Question Two

Pick one of The Four S’s (Sabbath, Silence, Solitude and Sleep) that is most appealing to you. Google the word and come up with one or two practices you can adopt in your life. Write your thoughts and plans below.

To be authentic, I am struggling with sabbath which I am associating with attending church. We all know this is not the same thing. I am going here anyway.

I had already begun watching church online prior to Covid. The pandemic sealed the deal. Now, I can’t decide what to do. I’ve lost a good habit of in person church and I am not sure if I’ve replaced it with an equally good practice or not. Ponder. Ponder.

Discovery Question Three

How do you feel about the reality that the earth can and will spin without your efforts? Look into the mirror that James speaks of and let God help you choose something you can let go of. Journal below.

This is a hard question. Surrender is hard. In term of letting go of globe spinning, I would like to further cultivate the relationship between “doing” and “being” on the path of God’s will. Lord, help me walk that out every day. Help me be proactive and timely and equally sensitive to the Spirit’s leading.

Discovery Question Four

This week, meditate on Hebrews 12:28-29. If you can, memorize it in your own words.

I wrote this verse down as my mantra this past February and it will remain. It’s a reminder to rise up. Gratitude and awe is where I wish to rise up from. In his fire is where I wish to be.

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