Tuesday Insight: How To Fill Your Need

Dear Girls,

This is something new coming your way. Every first Tuesday of the month, I’m posting a short insight plus a recap of where we’ve been and where we’re going together.

In the last few weeks, the unintended New Year theme was Strength. I didn’t catch it until just now.

How I Learned to be Strong from my Teenage Daughter

How to Begin Strong

How to Choose Your Word for the Year

How to Make a Powerful Vision Board

How to Empower Your Everyday with a Seasonal Bucket List

To be candid, I have needed a lot of personal strength in the last few months. It makes sense that my need and search for it showed up in my writing. We all search in the way we were built to learn, process and grow.

Start Your Search

Searching starts with a need. Although the type of need we have changes, the expression of the search is unique to the person. When I am empty, depleted, confused or disappointed, I begin my search.

First, I ask God to help me think of a verse that reflects my need and his power in that area. I write out why that verse matters in my particular situation. I see where that takes me. Sometimes, other insights come to mind. I may remember a quote, a passage from a book or a conversation. Once in a while, I get lucky and an image will come to mind.

Next, my personal expression of the search results come in. I must document because I am worried that I will forget or lose the wisdom or insight. I end up talking a note into my phone or texting myself. My cousin Leslie suggested I name myself “Queen” in my phone, so I text Queen Sasha the insights from the search.

Then, I sit with the newfound jewel. I have the sense to meditate upon the insight and wait to see what God may add to it. Sometimes there are layers and sometimes there is simply wisdom for the day.

Time to Share?

A younger version of myself would have to share immediately. I would have to share the thing even if my brain and heart hadn’t completed considering the need and fulfillment of it. That’s because I am built to share. That’s my bend. I can’t help the bend, but I’ve learned to work with it.

In some cases, my writing and self texting turn into something to share. I am in my happy place when I think I have something to share. The sharing takes a few forms. It could be a text to a friend. Sometimes it’s a phone call. Often enough, it’s a post with an email to you. My writing is the evidence of my searching. It is the culmination of God’s presence in the center of my need.

What ways does your searching show up in your life?

I am so curious about your answer to that question. Please do share in the comments or by sending me an email at sasha@sashaakatz.com.



PS, I did not share where we are going next. When I am walking at the beach, I have lots of thoughts. I keep track of them in my phone notes. Queen Sasha has accumulated many thoughts. A bunch of them are listed below. If you take a liking to any of them, let me know and I may just write about it next week!

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  1. This is great Sasha! I love how are able to identify your bend and how you process things. You have such self-wisdom and your sharing is a gift to us all. Thank you. I will be thinking about this and how it applies to my own bend and needs. Some pondering lies ahead.

    1. Belinda, you bless me! Ponder really is a great word and I know you’ll be doing it amongst your every day creativity 💗

  2. “My writing is the evidence of my searching. It is the culmination of God’s presence in the center of my need.“
    I love this thought! Writing helps me see God’s presence more clearly too. And your notes to yourself are such a good idea. I’m curious about How To Stretch Your Heart Into the Next Thing & How To Start Something. I guess these seem similar and that’s why I’m drawn to them.

    1. Laura, so funny! I didn’t see those two as similar but now I do. The first is emotional to me and the second is practical. So, thanks to you it will be a part one and part two! ❌⭕️

  3. Sasha, I love how you write to yourself in the form of Queen Sasha. I’m going to start to do something similar because there are times I want to capture a thought or something and don’t know how to save it. Most times I do a search on my computer and then leave a bazillion tabs open so I can go back to them (as to not forget). This isn’t very organized or practical and after awhile, I just shut the entire thing down (which wastes my search efforts). 😫 I would like to read your thoughts on “How to Know if you’re Too Positive.”

    1. Yes! I have an extremely long text to Queen Sasha! It works! I can’t wait to write about toxic positivity! It’s a real thing! Lol 😂

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