Summer Discovery: How to Know the Meaning of Summer

Welcome to August!

We are here. It’s the last month of summer.

I have no idea how to punctuate that. Choose for yourself whether it’s an exclamation point or question mark.

This month in the Summer Devotion, we’ll be taking a stop in the Word and how it may be speaking to you in the midst of summer.

In Week 2, we’ll take time to reflect in order to curate a Fall that is colored with intention, understanding and resolve.

Next in Week 3, we will consider how abundance and scarcity impacts our faith.

Last in Week 4, I will tell you more about why I wrote this summer devotion for you.

Summer Devotion – August, Week One Recording

I recorded a reading of the post entitled The Meaning of Summer. You can listen if you’re on the go. But I still recommend that you find time alone in quiet this week with a reading of your choosing.

My Responses to the Discovery Questions

Has a verse ever chosen you? Think back to a time that you kept seeing the same verse over and over. Or maybe that is happening right now? Write down the verse below.

This summer in Cappadocia, Turkey, my sister in law and I took a sunset yoga class in the sky (that’s what it felt like) with soft volcanic terrain panoramically surrounding us. A white dove flew down toward the end. The rain gently sprinkled at one point. The sky was blazing orange and pink. It was breathtaking.

At the same time, my personal faith doesn’t line up exactly with yogi philosophy. Nevertheless, this is where I was with only myself to share. I have the love of Christ and the character God has built within me. So, I participated in the Om and the incense and moved through the vinyasa.

During Om, I asked the Lord for a verse to meditate upon. He gave me I am Who I am. Later, I found out that the Om was named “I am”. My wink from God.

When our yogi asked us to bring a question to our practice, I asked, “Lord, how can I wholeheartedly serve you in this season?” She later passed me a tarot card that said my gift was “sharing”. I know my gift is sharing and I am touched that the Lord was with me as I yogied through the sunset.

I am who I am.

Exodus 3:14

Now, answer these questions:

What does this verse say about God?

God is sovereign. He exists beyond time and is eternal. There is no where else to search for him, except him. The Trinity is unchanging and won’t become something different in the future, past or present. God reveals himself. God is present and he will continue to be as he always has.

What does it tell you about yourself?

This verse tells me that where I am plus the facts of my life are well written into his hands. He holds all things. He reveals who he is in the tiny facts of my life.

What is your response?

While I wish everyday could be a Red Sea moment, I will take this verse into my daily struggles, hopes and worries. Can I build upon the truth of I am who I am such that my challenges shift to deeper moments in his presence?

If you haven’t yet taken a summer vacation or even a day off, plan to do that in August. Brainstorm your vacation or day off below and pick dates.

If you haven’t taken a day off, here are some ideas:

I googled resorts who have a pool/beach day pass in Fort Lauderdale. There are a ton. For $30 – $100, you can have towels, a comfy lounge chair, umbrella and beach and café access.

Google thrift stores and find a local cluster. Thrift and have lunch with a friend.

Buy tix to go snorkeling at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park and bring a cooler for a picnic afterward.

Do you have a hard time taking a day off? Why or why not?

This is a loaded question for me. I have struggled with working mom guilt which should cause me to take days off. Instead, I fight to value presence over productivity. On top of that, I feel bad if others are working when I am not. So there. My mess is revealed. It’s a miracle I take vacations and days off. I will boil it down to age and painfully earned wisdom.

Love you always,


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